Caoki is the safety you want and need for your child. We have the concept done, now we need you to get it built and to protect our children.



What is caoki?

There is no day passing by without news about missed children, people trying to
kidnap children and also about murdered children. So we have to care of our most
loved ones. There are already solutions like GPS watches or similar things to
work on that problem. But all have a big disadvantage: they are huge and most
children don`t want to wear them. And that’s the point where caoki was invented.
caoki is not a bulky GPS tracker. caoki is different. caoki is a complete safety
system for your children build in a nice and practicable signal stripe some
countries already use and for sure most of you also saw or know of. And with
all the features you can start feeling safe again.



Caoki has GPS built in and a slot for a sim card to transfer data



Caoki has 2 built in wide angle cameras (front and back) to record and transfer live areal video data for maximal safety. You can see what is happening around your child and can warn it

Speaker and Microphone

With the 2 speakers and a microphone
built into caoki you can communicate
with your child directly and your
child can contact you in case of

Emergency buttons and alarm

If the child gets into trouble it can push the emergency buttons. This will activate a loud alarm to warn people around the child and will also inform you on your phone

Motion activated

Built in accelerometers allow caoki to automatically activate. So there is no action needed from your child. That avoids that your child forgets to activate it when leaving school



Caoki itself is a signal strip with built in reflectors to give additional safety

Mobile app

The easy to use app for your cell phone allows
you to set up areas your childis allowed to
play in, you can set up the preschool or school
and tell caoki to stop record when the child
reaches to safe the privacy of the teachers.
You can see the live video of front and back
camera, start a call, just quickly warn with a
short shout, always see the position on the map
and many many moreā€¦
All data will be submitted or stored encrypted
to give maximum safety against others.

Easy to clean and water resistant

Caoki will get a special material that will be easy to clean, soft, flexible and water resistant


Cute and light weight

Children will love to wear caoki because it`s light weight and with the cute caoki smiling at them it feels trusted from first see


Who are we

Caoki was invented by own needs. I have a young son now going to preschool. I
realized that I have no control about what my 4 year old son is doing and who
is talking to him. He goes to preschool and hopefully comes home again. I
started searching about existing solutions like GPS watches or small trackers.
But this might be ok if I want to secure my car not to be stolen. But my son
will not wear a bulky watch. And beside that, a tracker gives me the overview
where he is. But not what is happening. So I started to work on a better way.
Here in Switzerland they already have that signal stripes the childs carry when
they go to school or when they are on a journey with their class. So I thought
why not put some nice little technic inside to be able to look for my son. A
friend and I started to work that out and now after knowing what we have to
do we need you to be able to get the things done and bring caoki to all
households with childs. We need to get back some safety. Thank you all for
supporting us.


Can caoki avoid the kidnapping of my child?

Of course, not. Well, maybe it can. When we think of the design of caoki and
getting in known by the people, it’s possible that someone avoids attacking
your child because he knows what the child is wearing. But caoki can for sure
help you to know about a possible problem faster. Normally you notice that
something might have happened when the child is late. But then you maybe
already lost the chance to find it. With caoki you get informed in the moment
something is happening and you can react right away. The faster we know,
the more likely we can save our childs.

What about privacy issues in my country recording somebody else?

We offer different versions with or without cameras. Please check local law
about legal issues using caoki. But we will also offer a direct pixeling of
faces to get around that problem in some countries. You also set the school
or preschool and caoki with stop recording as soon as your child reaches
there. So also the teachers do not have to worry about parents trying to
spy them. We want a safety tool, not a spy tool. So we will work on that
as much as possible.

Why do I need a sim card and where do I get it?

A sim card is needed to transfer the data of caoki. You can contact local
providers to get information about possible ways to get service. We also
try to get direct collaborations with local providers to offer packages
where you already have free data and calls included. We will update this
later and give you the option to upgrade your order.

Is the shipping fee already included?

No. We will charge a small amount for shipping additional. We think it’s
the better way instead of shipping for free but a way that it takes several
weeks to arrive without a way to track. But we guarantee that the fee will
not exceed 10 dollars. Maybe we get a cheap way and offer it for free. But
for now we only charge the product itself. A shipping fee, if so, will be
added later and you will get informed early enough about it.

When will the product ship?

For now we have the basic concept, first tests, and the design. At the
moment we work on our first prototypes to fix upcoming issues. As there is
a lot more to do and we need to be sure to have everything safe, we want
to take the time we need. So we are optimistic to get the first batches out
in July 2017. Maybe we get it earlier, but to hurry and forget about overall
safety cannot be our standard we want to provide our customers, especially
when it comes to our childs!